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Clyde (BUTCH) Morsberger

About Me:

I developed a love for music at the very young age of five when I would sing along with 45 and 33lp records and listen to music on the radio and TV. At eleven, I started to teach myself to play the acoustic guitar on a borrowed instrument with a chord chart a friend had given me. The sixties folk revival, roots music, the English invasion of the Beatles, etc., as well as the Mo-Town sound, sacred hymns, carols, and later Celtic music, all influenced my musicianship. My grandfather gave me my first guitar at twelve and I was hooked. A couple years later I met Bill Higgins who had just founded Bill’s Music House in Catonsville and we are friends to this day. He let me work part time around his music shop for two summer and fall seasons when I was 15 and 16 - what great memories! He also helped me get my first gig playing bass when I was sixteen with The Tremeloe’s, a local top 40/pop band in the region at the time. In my mid to late twenties, I began writing songs and became the music coordinator on “Let’s Celebrate Life,” a Christian TV program on WBFF TV in Baltimore where I also appeared weekly as a singer/musician.  During this time, I was the worship leader and musician in my local church and also travelled throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia in a concert ministry. In 1980 I released an inspirational album of original songs (with the exception of two) called the “Door to Joy”. Later when I became an ordained minister and pastored a new church in Catonsville, I always placed a high value on the music offerings in our worship services because I knew the deep effect music has on the body, soul and spirit, and especially in our worship of God. Throughout the years I continued to develop my music skills, learning to play the keyboard, harmonica, recorder and banjo. In 2022, I received my certification as a Holistic Clinical Musician on the lyre/harp where I have the privilege to play healing music at the bedside of patients in care facilities.

Born and raised in Catonsville, Maryland, I attended school, married my wife Linda, worked, and raised four children. Presently, I am enjoying this time of my life with my family while I continue to sing, write songs, play fingerstyle guitar and minister as a clinical musician. I have done a lot of music over the years in Catonsville which has always been a landmark for the joyful sound and will always be my hometown. I am sure the music scene, heritage, and culture of "Music City Maryland" will inspire new generations of young musicians in the years to come.


Call/Text: 443-955-3055


I am available for church or house concerts, as well as clinical music in nursing or care facilities


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